Saturday, 2 February 2013


i bet we're all guilty of purchasing a cream with vitamins in, feeling super happy about it because we know vitamins are great for us, but then not actually know exactly why this is.
vitamin e is an antioxidant which makes it great for protecting and repairing the skin. it neutralises molecules called free radicals which are highly damaging to collagen as well as being oxidising and therefore cause drying of the skin.
so now we have that little chemisty lessen out of the way, i'm going to tell you why i love this vitamin e cream from the body shop.
basically, just looking at it from a beauty perspective, and not what it does deep down, it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated.
i've also noticed that it helps to reduce puffiness around my eyes. i'm not sure whether this is just me or not however, as it makes no claims that it does this, but i'm going to take it anyway.
another thing i love about this cream is its consistency. it's not too thick but is still thick enough to feel (albiet psychologically) like it's doing the job. i'm not a fan of super thick creams as they just sit on my face, but this consistency is perfect. it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave me feeling greasy or oily.
after my last body shop review, i was feeling a little bit mean so i decided to 'big them up' again with a post on a product that i do love so here it is. the vitamin e mouisture cream is a real favourite of mine, and i will continue to love you body shop, even if your hair butter was a little bit pants.
you can buy the 15ml version for £4 or the 50ml for £10, however, on their website they are currently offering 50% off this particular product so i'd highly recommed you giving it a go now, it's the perfect time to grab a bargain.
do you like the vitamin e range from the body shop?
laura xoxo


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