Friday, 1 February 2013


today i'm feeling down in the dumps; sadly, last night, we lost my great grandad. but at ninety, what a great life. when someone you love passes on, i think it's really important to remember and be happy that you knew them and hold the good memories of them close to your heart. my mum's dad was a typical farmer sort and had all these little quirky sayings. my favourite when i was growing up and having way too much fun to stop painting and wash my hands to eat my sandwiches being "a bit of muck never does no harm" but he always used to say of people and animals "when they die, it's really sad but life goes on and so must you" and although he too is no longer with us, it's a saying i'll always keep in mind in times like this, and with that, in a show must go on sort of way, i decided to cheer myself up and have yet another scout at the topshop sale, which didn't dissapoint.
i only picked up a couple of bits but could have quite easily have spent a fortune, there's still lots of lovely stuff being added all the time and some equally lovely stuff that's already been added being reduced further.
this pink raccoon jumper was originally priced at fourty pounds, added to the sale at twenty five and then reduce further to £15. it was a close call when it was still at twenty five so at fifteen i took it as a fate intervenes sort of oppurtunity and added it to the old basket.
the other item(s) i picked up were these quilted pumps. now for the eager eyed amoungst you, you may have realised i already own a pair of these in navy. having worn them to death and loving them, i decided that a new pair was needed and here we are.
so, that's my sad news and what i did to perk myself up a little bit. i hope you're all having a great day and if not, online shopping does wonders as an instant little pick me up.
speak soon xoxo


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