Thursday, 28 March 2013


I've never really had dark circles to complain about so I can only assume I'm doing something right beautywise and thought I'd share with you my current eye cream from Balance Me.
The cream claims to smooth, brighten and lift the skin around the eye area with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid.
I'd have to agree with the claims. My eyes look bright, there are very minimal dark circles, no laughter lines and no puffiness.
The cream itself is lovely to apply. It's fairly thin but not runny so it glides on nicely and sinks in to the skin very quickly. It keeps the eye area smooth and hydrated throughout the day and has an ever so slight herbal smell to it. It sort of reminds me of green tea but after looking into the ingredients, I'm pretty sure this may be down to the chamomile in it. It also contains lemon, renowned for brightening skin, cucumber oil and witch hazel amongst other things.
Another plus point of the cream for me is that i's of 99% natural origin, which means there are no nasties in it that may be bad for your skin. This makes me think that it may be more appropriate for sensitive skin than a number of other eye creams out there.
I really like the Wonder Eye Cream and as this is only a small size, I will definitely be purchasing the 15ml version. That said, this 7ml tube seems to be lasting me forever, so in my opinion, it's definitely a product that you get your value for money out of.
Have you tried anything from the Balance Me range?


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