Saturday, 30 March 2013



I can't belive I've been blogging this long and haven't got round to talking about Bourjois somewhat iconic bronzer- Delice de Poudre aka, the chocolate one. In all honest, the reason I first picked this bronzer up was because firstly, it was Bourjois, and secondly it promised to smell of chocolate. No matter how hard I try to find a hint of it, I cannot smell the slightest resemblance to chocolate but it does smell really nice. It's sweet, but ultimately, still make up smelling so if that was all this bronzer had going for it, it would have lost me right at the start but fortunately, the Bourjois element comes into play, and as with all of their products (in my opinion), this too is fatastic at what it does- bronzes.
The bronzer is packed with little gold bits of shimmer but not so that it looks glittery on the face, in fact, from anywhere other than up close, it actually appears pretty matte. The shimmer is very fine and just makes your skin look healthy and glowing rather than glittery.
The colour of the bronzer is spot on. I'm pale and find that a lot of bronzer either look orange or even muddy on my skin but this is just perfect. It's a really subtle colour but is very buildable so that if you do have a darker skin tone, it would be equally suitable.
It applies nicely, it seems to attach just enough of itself to the brush and feels really smooth and velvety on the skin.
It doesn't look powdery once applied and it lasts for around the skin hour mark on my skin before budging even slightly.
I do really adore this bronzer and for the price still can't quite believe how incredible it is. Have you got around to trying it yet?


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