Tuesday, 12 March 2013


when the three dot liners first came out i didn't immediately jump on board. liquid eyeliners have a tendency to make my eyes look smaller if i go too thick, or thick at all, with the lines so i went through a phase of liquid eyeliner avoidance but i decided recently that it was time to try and rekindle our friendship with a teeny weeny thin line, just to make my lashes look thicker and fuller really and that's when i thought back to the old dot liner trick.
after a bit of searching around, i decided on bourjois intuitive liner. i like bourjois so i thought i'd stick to what i know and at a price of £6.99, there wasn't a great deal to lose.
at first, i found the liner really odd and tricky to use. it didn't make a line, the dots went all over the place and it really tickled my eyelid when applying but as with all liquid eyeliners, practice makes perfect (or as close as i'll ever get to it) and after a few attempts i finally got into the swing of things and got a solid line by using that dot technique.
so other than the liner being tricky to master at the start, it has great staying power. it's not waterproof, but it is. i got my face wet and this did not budge. at all. it's such an intense black colour and it creates a really subtle effect when using it as a dotter, however, it can be used as you would a normal liner pen to create a thicker line too and who doesn't love a good multifunctional product?!
have you given a three dot liner a go? how hard do you find it's application?
laura xoxo


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