Sunday, 31 March 2013


Another of my Dainty Doll products today- the Concealer Hot Pour Abracadabra. What a long winded name- I'm just going to refer to it as concealer from here on in, but there are also other concealers in the Dainty Doll range- these are pen concealers and I may review these in future but lets not go off track here.
The Hot Pour Concealer is creamy, non-drying and even contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm any blemishes that it is applied to.
Due to its consistency, this concealer is, in my opinion, appropriate for both dark circles and blemishes. Under the eyes, it doesn't crease and stays put for the whole day. On blemishes, it is also long lasting and offers very high coverage without being cakey.
The concealer comes in four shades, all of which are super pale. I use the shade 003 medium. I use the darkest shade (004 dark) in the liquid foundation from the range but I like to use a slightly lighter shade of concealer for under my eyes in particular.
I find this concealer to do a great job of illuminating under the eyes making them look wide awake and covering any darkness or puffiness with a minimal amount of product.
As the concealer contains shea butter, it's super moisturising and is just lovely and natural feeling to wear. I love cream based products such as this as they just feel so much lighter on the skin, something I'm actively searching for in base products as summer approaches.
You can pick up the Concealer Hot Pour Abracadabra from Boots, or do a little searching around and find it on sale on Amazon and Fragrance Direct- I've noticed that  stock seems to be running out in both of these places so snap it up while you can but if you do end up paying full price, rest assured, I believe it is worth every single penny.
Have you tried this concealer?


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