Sunday, 24 March 2013


I haven't really done a review of anything that I've received in my Glossybox for a while now so it's high time to talk about one of the little gems that I've discovered through my monthly subscription.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a multi-purpose product. It can be used as a mooisturiser of sorts, a lip balm, an eyebrow tamer, the list goes on. I have even seen reviews saying that this product is great for calming insect bites and sunburn.
Now, I was and still am a bit wary or putting this all over my face as to me the texture is a little bit sticky and thick but as a lip balm and brow product, this is amazing!
The product itself is a peachy brown colour but this does not transfer onto the skin, it rubs in clear and it smells like Palmer's Cocoa Butter if you ask me, even though it claims to be fragrance free. This is just a bonus in my eyes as I love the smell of Palmer's products.
As a lip balm it really moisturises my lips meaning lipstick applies nicely over the top. It actually acts as a good base for helping prolong lipstick wear for me. Has anyone else found this?
Also, I mentioned it can be used for brows and I love it in this function. It's definitely a great alternative to brow wax/gel and when used with powder could create a Benefit Brow Zings style brow.
I do really like this product and I'm pretty sure that I'll splash out and treat myself to the full size of this once my little sample has run out.
Did you receive this in your Glossybox?


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