Monday, 18 March 2013


I am a bourjois foundation junkie. When a new one comes out I'm straight in Boots trying to pick it up, so having quite the collection now I decided to do a collective post to compare and cross reference four of them. I'm pretty sure I've done indiviual reviews but I figured a round up would be helpful, particularly for my newer readers.
 10 Hour Sleep Effect £9.99;
This was the first Bourjois foundation I ever bought. I stuck to it like glue for years until Boots seemed to temporarily discontinue it meaning I had to find an alternative. More on that story later. This foundation is packed full of vitamins and minerals which are aimed at making your skin appear fresh an wide awake. I'd say that it offers a medium coverage. It's lightweight on the skin, not oily or drying. It doesn't emphasise dry areas at all. It's not a dewy foundation as such but it's certainly not matte my any means, it just looks like a second skin. I find that the colour match is brilliant, it seems to adapt to your skin tone, impossible? But somehow true. The only downside for me is the availability. It stopped being stocked in my two local Boots and on their website about a year ago but was brought back a few months ago now. I have noticed though, that it seems to be heading towards extinction again so I'd get in there fast just incase. I'm shade 72 in this for reference and I find it blends nicely to my skin when tanned or when as pale as the day is long. It's suitably long lasting but it's life can be extended by using a setting powder.

Healthy Mix Foundation £9.99;
This was the foundation that I turned to after Boots stopped selling the aforementioned product for a little while. I find that this foundation offers a similar medium coverage to the 10 hour sleep effect but feels heavier on the skin. It feels thicker and is slightly more matte, although not completely. For this reason, I'd say this is more one for people with oilier skin. It doesn't exactly stick to dry patches but they are visible with this foundation. This lasts about eight hours on the skin but again, longevity could be increased by using a setting powder. It also contains 'fruit therapy' which is thought to be radiance boosting and although I'm not dermatologist I'm pretty sure that it works. I use this foundation in the shade 52 and find that it doesn't adapt as well to varying skin tones as the 10 hout sleep effect so a true match is probably the best idea for this shade. One to test out in store I think.

123 Perfect £10.99;
This foundation contains three colour pigments to balance out any unwanted pigmentation in the skin. Yellow pigments combat dark circles, mauve pigments combat dullness and green pigments counteract redness. There is also an anti-shine element to this foundation which makes it the most matte of all of the foundations so it does pick up on dry patches. This is definitely tailored more towards normal/oily skin. Once on the face it feels soft and velvety to touch which is really nice, however for me, this foundation is a little too heavy and thick as I like lighter foundations. That said, it does offer pretty full coverage, despite Bourjois claiming that it's only medium, so if that's something you look for in a foundation, this one is most definitely for you. Again, I'm the shade 52 in this and a true match is recommended as it doesn't seem to sink into the skin like the 10 hour sleep effect.

Healthy Mix Serum £10.99;
This is an extension of the healthy mix line so we have more fruit therapy with this one, and it is by far my favourite of all the four foundations mentioned today. It's formula is more of a gel than a liquid foundation. It offers probably the least coverage but I'd say this is still light to medium, and feels light and fresh on the skin. It blends really nicely and like the 10 hour sleep effect appears to sink into your skin and blend effortlessly. It's my every day foundation so that should give an indication as to how much I rate this product. It lasts about eight hours without a powder which is perfect for me as I'm a take your make up as soon as you get home kinda girl anyway, and doesn't emphasise any dry patches. I'd say this foundation is better suited to dry and normal skin types as it is quite a dewy foundation but it doesn't emphasise any oily patches on my skin either so I'd say it's not at all unsuitable for girls with oily skin types. I'm the shade 52 in this foundation also but as it blends in to your skin, I don't think a shade either way would be too terrible or obvious looking.

So that's it, my Bourjois foundation round up. Please bear in mind that these views are only my own and different products suit different people better.

Which Bourjois foundation do you use?


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