Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hellooooo everyone. As I type this post, I am very bouncy and excitable because I've just found something out which makes me super duper happy but more on that story later.

On to advertising;
I have ammended my advertising packages and am currently taking on bloggers and businesses for April, so have a little look at my advertising tab and drop me an email if you're interested at Prices starting at £3.

Ok so, that's the admin side of things out of the way, now on to the lifestyle part.

001. You may have noticed that I have not typed one of these posts in a little while now, that's been because I've been super busy doing boring stuff; coursework, eating, etc. but now I have a few exciting things to get off my chest so here we are.
002. I fixed my car radio, all by myself. This might sound like no big deal but when you're driving around without music for a week, the mileage counter clicking every five seconds when you're driving at thirty and ever three and a half seconds when you're driving at sixty (and yes I counted because when you can't sing along to your radio at the top of your lungs and you're driving as much as I do, those little clicks become the only company you have) gets really, really annoying.
003.I break up from uni on friday and sure I have five pieces of coursework and a whole bunch of revision to get through during my time off but I'm grateful for the break none the less. I've felt like uni has been getting a little on top of me recently. I've been really unmotivated and constantly exhausted and just not really raring and ready to go so hopefully a break will give me time to get my head back in the game and have fun with law again.
004. Ok, so something I'm really excited about it the prospect of meeting one of my most favourite bloggers in real life! Jane of poptartsandsexx to be precise. Tonight, whilst having a good stalk of her blog and various other social media platforms, I noticed that she had mentioned that her boyfriend is at the same university as me. Well it turns out she pops up all the time to visit him so I'm hoping to pinch her from him for a little while on one of these visits. I am a little too excited for words right now. Hi Jane, sorry for being a creep! But yes, I love having little things like this to look forward to. I am the shyest (that looks weird typed but I think I've spelt it right) person in the world when meeting new people but this just makes me waffle on and on so I'm hoping she's ready for a good ear bending. Ooh.
005. Alex's family have returned from Australia. It was actually a couple of weeks back now but we have all been adjusting to having them back so I've given things some time to get back to normal before filling you all in on their business but I know that all of you like Alex (I don't even know why... I am joking of course, hello Mr) so I thought you could all be happy that he's happy. Just in case you're a new follower, here's his face, and my face, and a kangaroo..

That's everything guys. have you met a blogging friend in real life? And are you looking forward to having a break from uni (if you're there)?


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