Thursday, 14 March 2013

GUEST POST WITH HOUSE OF FRASER - "4 nightwear outfits for all seasons, which one would you wear?"

When Laura agreed that I could write a guest post for her on her blog, I was thrilled! I wanted to do a post about nightwear because a lot of times, we are even making sure we are looking our best when going to bed, or relaxing on the sofa watching a late night movie! Especially when it comes to boyfriend – matters, we want to be comfortable but sexy at the same time, right?

That being said, I’ve had a look at the from House of Fraser and came up with four different looks in relation to all four seasons, I hope you like them!

Calvin Klein Openwork Crochet Sock

When I asked Laura about her favourite nightwear outfit she chose the above cosy cotton pieces from the collection. I don’t know about you ladies, but I always tend to sleep in hipster briefs as well with a long – sleeve shirt, because I don’t like wearing trousers when going to bed. I usually do keep my socks on, because for some reason, my feet are always stone cold when I don’t wear socks!

I did a bit of research into wearing socks when going to bed and apparently, wearing socks reduces you waking up in the middle of the night! This is because feet have the poorest circulation so socks make sure your feet stay warm and cosy!

The Sexy Spring outfit is something you could wear when you decide to stay in for a late night movie or when your boyfriend comes over to spend the night. I think the Lazy Sunday Roll up Pyjama pants are fantastic because of the flowery print and the trademark Calvin Klein waist band around the top!

These trousers are also printed from the inside – so you could roll them up as well. The midnight breeze top gives a sexier feel to the entire nightwear outfit and the slippers really make the outfit complete!

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Thong
Calvin Klein Perfect Fit Sexy Signature Lace Push Up Bra
Essential With Satin Short Robe

This is my personal favourite! It a super sexy nightwear outfit, perfect for the summer. I decided to put the satin short robe to it, as you may not want to walk around in your house in the morning when you wake up, in your bra and underwear.
Did you know by the way that more than 85% of women buy the wrong bra in terms of size? They say that most women buy bras that are too big because we tend to associate looseness with comfort, forgetting that the material of the bra will stretch! Here are on everything you need to know when buying a bra, from getting your bra size to looking after your bra. 


 Last but but least, I put these pieces together from the BIBA and Macpherson collection for the autumn nightwear outfit. What do you think? The Big wave break shorts and camisole by Macpherson is in my opinion an outfit I feel every woman should have! It’s comfy and super sexy.
I personally love the embroidered vintage robe, it is 100% silk, which is of course very soft, warm and traditionally very expensive – which is not a bit surprise if you know that a silk worm’s lifespan is about 2 months and that the silk threads do not directly come from the silk worm but by unravelling the cocoon made by the worm, by soaking it in hot water? Imagine what a long process this must be!

So there you have it, winter/summer/spring and autumn nightwear outfits, I hope you like them!

Which one would you wear?


xoxo Susanna

as i'm sure  you all know, i love my pjs and spend most of my time in them so i've loved having susanna guest post for me. which is your favourite look?
laura xoxo


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