Saturday, 9 March 2013


i'm well and truly ready for spring/summer now, ready to inject some colour into my wardrobe, replace parkas with denim jackets and so on. being the online browser that i am, i've been at it again and here's my rare wishlist.
001. the polka dot satchel is so cute. i love satchels, i love polka dots and i love this dusky pink colour so in my eyes this bag couldn't be more perfect. it'll go lovely with all the pastels i plan on wearing over the coming months and i really want to get my hands on it.
002. i don't actually own a denim jacket. denim shirt, yes. denim gilet, yes but not a jacket and i don't have a reason for it. i really should own one. they're the perfect spring summer staple for this british climate and i love the light wash and distressed effect on this one.
003. i don't wear brights, least of all blue but i've made a conscious decision to inject more colour into my clothing this time around. i'm normally blonde for the summer months so i feel like brights can wash me out when combined with super light hair but not this time, i'll be trying my very bestest to keep my hair dark, bleach free and growing super long so it's the perfect time to experiment.
004. finally, although i could have picked a whole lot more items to feature on here, i've gone for these skull embellishedd tights. pefect to slip on under playsuits, dressed and the like to give them a quirky edge. sometimes if i'm dressed in a really girly way i can feel a bit overwhelmed so for me, pieces like this can really balance that out and make me feel a lot more comfortable.
so they're my favourite bits and pieces from the rare website (here) and they're all really reasonably priced too. i'll definitely be doing a big shop with them once i get paid and i can't wait to own at least some, hopefully all, of these lovely items and more.
have you seen anything from rare that you fancy?
me xoxo


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