Saturday, 30 March 2013


I love lip and cheek tints and I love cream blushes so I figured this product would sit nicely in between. Although described as a 'tint' I always think of tints as being a liquid formula- think Benetint and the like. The Baby Stick is more of a balm texture, not the cream I was expecting. It's not at all sticky and glides on like a dream straight from the tube.
In terms of colour pay off, for this particular stick, it's not the best. It's very light and just adds the smallest tint of colour. I'd say this is more like a pinky coloured highlight as opposed to a tint. It does have the wear time of a tint however, and lasts for a good few hours on the cheeks.
On the lips, it feels very moisturising and again reminds me of a balm in this respect too.
The Baby Stick is available in three colours- Tahitian which I have, Pink Passion which is a gorgeous cerise pink and Sunset which is a bright orange/red. I do really like the Baby Stick, it's great for a natural pinched cheek look and I can see this being lovely to wear in the summer as it is so light on the face.
Have you tried the Baby Sticks from Revlon? How did you find the colour pay off?


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