Monday, 4 March 2013


i like foundation. i like how it can make your skin look ten times better in seconds so the promise of an air brushed, poreless look that revlon provide with regards to their photoready make up makes their product sound like the best thing since sliced bread in my eyes. i don't really like bread, but for the purpose of keeping the saying alive, we'll ride with it.
i really like revlon as a brand and have no complaints about their products so i was expected great things from this foundation and it really did not disappoint.
the foundation feels light on the skin but provides a fairly high coverage which i really like. i often find that fuller coverage products feel really thick and heavy which really puts me off them as a whole but this is completely different in that aspect.
so, coverage dealt with, it's time to move one to other claims; photochromatic pigments for one. the idea behind this is that these pigments 'reflect and defuse light' aiding in making skin look flawless, which my skin really does, so although i'm not all geeked up on information about these pigments, as far as i'm' concerned, they work wonders.
now, another thing that i find with fuller coverage foundations is that the majority of them aren't the most dewy. now i'm not someone who needs dewy skin all the time, i just like it to look clear, fresh and healthy and this foundation definitely fits into that category so that's not an issue for me. it may be worth noting that this foundation is also oil free which may mean it appeals to people with oily skin types over dry.
speaking of dry skin, i would say that it's important to exfoliate your skin well if you're going to be using this foundation regularly, it's not drying but it does start, after a few hours wear, to show up dry bits, however i find that to be the case with the majority of foundations anyway, and the moral of the story is, look after your skin as best as possible.
there are eight shades in the range, i use 003 shell, and they are priced at £12.99 each.
have you tried any of the photoready make up?
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