Thursday, 7 March 2013


i've featured a few revlon lipsticks on my blog before so i'm sure i don't need to go on about how much i love them as a whole, even though i probably will, but i just wanted to introduce you to a new shade in my collection that i have completely fallen for; 028 cherry blossom in a pearl finish. i have also featured pink in the afternoon which is in a creme finish which you can view here if you wish but today is all about cherry blossom.
it's a gorgeous deep pinky-red shade which really does resemble the colour of a cherry. it is, in my opinion, the perfect shade for this time of year. there were a lot of berry hues over winter and now that we're breaking in to spring it holds on to a little bit of that without being too dark.
i've said it before and i'll say it again. this lipstick lasts the longest time on the lips; it even seems to stain the lips lightly long after the lipstick has been wiped. it feels silky on the lips and doesn't dry them out at all and the best part for me, other than the colour of course, it has an spf in it. i'm bring on lip protection. it's the part of our body that most people neglect to apply sun protection too and so this makes it effortless. burnt lips are not cool. and they hurt. bad.
you can pick this beauttiful lipstick up from boots for £7.49 and it's worth every single penny. will you be purchasing this shade?
laura xoxo


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