Monday, 4 March 2013


sleek  is quickly becomming one of my favourite make up brands due to it's great priced, quality products. blush by 3 is no exception. for the price of £10, you get three relatively large blushes in a mirrored palette.
i decided to talk to you about a recent blush by 3 purchase of mine; the palette 'flame'. i've been tiring of the classic pink/peach blushers that are everywhere at the moment and decided to branch out into some new territory- red.
now, i'll admit, the shades do at first look a little scary which i'm sure would put many people off buying this palette in the first place, and especially people like myself who do all they can to combat naturally red cheeks, so you're probably thinking "laura, what on earth were you doing getting this", well here's the bit that may shock you the most; i love this palette, particularly the brightest shade (middle).
so, in the palette you get furnace on the left, bonfire (my personal favourite) and molten on the right. furnace is a matte terracotta shade that applies very lightly and so is perhaps the most 'wearable' of the shades for a day to day look, that said my love for bonfire, the bright red matte shade which is true to the colour in the palette, prevails and it is the shade that i've been wearing most. finally, molten is a slightly inbetween shade, a mixture of bonfire and furnace if you will, with little bits of shimmer in it which would be super pretty for the evening.
the blushers themselves are long lasting, lovely to apply and wear, and don't look at all powdery on. this is the reason i had been opting for cream blush over powder recently, but this palette is actually being reached for over it's creamy counter parts due to it looking smooth and velvety and not powdery.
the colours are also very buildable which means that you can create the intensity you're after very easily.
i cannot rave about this product enough, sleek have definitely impressed on this occassion, and on the whole, but we'll save that for another day.
have you got any of their blush by 3's? which is your favourite one?
speak soon xoxo


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