Friday, 8 March 2013


i suppose that this is a little bit of a different post today as the product i am 'reviewing' is not used in it's proper capacity. the sleek creme to powder tester kit is intended to be bought at the price of £2.99 to test out which shade you would be in their creme to powder foundation however i purchased it in a light/medium version to use as a contour shade, knowing full well that my actual skin tone is way lighter than a light to medium.
i'd had enough of powder bronzer in terms of contouring, it just never sat right, looked unnatural and as i've been getting into cream blushers a lot more of late, i decided that perhaps a cream bronzer would be something i'd also like. after doing a bit of research i found that the market is seriously lacking in this area and my attentions turned to a darker shade of foundation instead. when i saw this kit whilst browsing the sleek website it was plugged as a foundation but was a creme. it may be worth noting that in my experience it has not turned to a power on my face. i decided that at £2.99 i had nothing to lose and so opopped it into my basket and i've not looked back since.
there are five shades to chose from which is perfect, in my opinion, as you can be a little more dramatic with a darker shade for the evening, or if you get a slight tan, and so on.
it glides on easily, looks really natural and contours nicely and effectively. it lasts for about eight hours and feels lovely on the skin.
what're your views on using products for something different that their intended purpose? have you used a cream bronzer before? which ones do you recommend?
speak soon xoxo


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