Thursday, 28 March 2013


Recently, my skin has been terrible. Up until a few weeks ago, I never suffered with breakouts. I got the odd blemish every now and again but that was as bad as it got. In recent weeks, however, I must have started using something new that doesn't agree with me because little blemishes keep cropping up all over the place so I decided to return to an old favourite to try and balance things out a little.
Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion from The Body Shop is a lightweight gel-creme that adds moisture to the skin while you sleep. It contains an antibacterial which fights blemishes over night meaning you wake up with clearer skin.
The lotion appears to get rid of any excess oil in your skin and leaves your face fairly matte in the morning. I really like this element as I feel that when my skin is oilier, I am prone to more blemishes so it fights them in that way too.
I'm not saying this product does miracles but it certainly helps with calming down the skin and reducing redness. After all, if it gave you completely flawless skin over night, it wouldn't be as cheap as it is at £9; I'd pay my weight in gold for perfect skin for the rest of my life but anything that aids in the perfect skin department is certainly worth giving a go.
Have you tried the Night Lotion? Did it work for you?


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