Sunday, 31 March 2013


I used this product years ago. It has since undergone a bit of a package rebranding but the product inside is just as great as always.
The Vitamin C Skin Reviver is basically a gel-cream product which aims to boost radiance and give your skin a healthy glow. I put mine on after my moisturiser and then apply my make up over the top, however, you can just wear it on its own to give your natural skin a lovely fresh appearance.
The Skin Reviver smells incredible- it's a little bit orangey but there's something else that I can't place my finger on that just makes it one of my favourite smells in the world. It's not strong, it just smells really fresh and the smell alone makes me feel instantly wide awake.
I love the feeling of the product too. It's really smooth and on first instance it feels a little, for want of a better word, slimey.. but in a nice way? To say this is one of my all time favourite products, I'm not making it sound great but the texture of the gel-cream is really unusual. It feels lovely on the skin and that's the main thing. It's not at all greasy, it just makes your skin look dewy and fresh.
You only need to use the tiniest amount of the Skin Reviver too which means the bottle will last for such a long time making it really great value for money at £14.00.
To sum up, and try to do this product some justice, I love it. If I could only choose one skin care/beauty related product to use for the rest of my life, it would be this. It's really something you have to try for yourself to understand how amazing it is.
Have you tried anything from the Vitamin C range?


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