Monday, 4 March 2013

WISHLIST 04/03/2013.

001. brat & suzie dalmation top; it's the most adorable top i've seen in a long time. i'm big on dalmation themed clothing at the moment, i already own the 101 dalmation sweatshirt from asos and i would love this top to join it in my wardrobe, so so cute.
002. topshop pale blue bobble cardigan; it's getting towards spring now which to me screams pastel time every year, that said sping here is freezing so this cardigan would be a perfect transition piece. it's all bobbley and grandma-ry and it just looks like something that could be thrown on over a whole host of things really easily.
003. river island patterned trousers; i love these, they're bright and outrageous and something which up until a couple of years ago i would have labled as hiddeous but i love wearing things like this with plain white tops and one of my leather jackets and with summer approaching, imagine these with a little denim jacket for nice barbecue days, etc.
that's all for now, there's a whole bunch of thing that i fancy getting my hands on but i'm trying to save up currently.
what're you after at the moment?
laura xoxo


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