Friday, 5 April 2013


Ok, so I do have pretty clear skin on the whole but I don't know of a single person who doesn't have a few blackheads lurking around. I'm no different and I'm always trying lotions and potions that claim to clear them up. So far, nothing has even made a dent comparing to these deep cleansing strips.
Basically, you wet your nose, open the little satchet style packet, peel the back off the strip and stick it on your nose. After about ten minutes, it's turned really hard and then you just peel it off really slowly.
These are amazing, foul as it is, you can actually see what's come out of your nose on the strip so you know it's really working. My nose always looks much clearer after too and feels really smooth, almost as if I've had a face mask on it. That's probably really odd but that's how it feels to me, and I like it.
You repeat this process once a week to keep on top of the old blackheads and clogged pores, meaning that a pack will last you six weeks. Although it may sound a bit steep in the price department at first instance, if you look at it like that, £7.99 actually seems really reasonable for something that's going to last you six weeks.
I wouldn't be without these little strips now, they make such a difference to my skin, well my nose and although they're not the most glamourous things to discuss in a beauty post, it's no good spending a lot on make up if you don't have a nice starting point to put it on.
Have you tried the Biore Pore Strips?


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