Thursday, 18 April 2013


I'm really big on hair care at the moment as I'm trying to grow it until I'm resembling someone like Rapunzel. It's not quite working out yet but I'm always on the search for something that will give it a nudge in that direction.
The Charles Wothington Intense Rescue Melting Balm is one of the products that I'd heard a lot about and knowing full well the curiosity killed the cat, I still  went out and got it anyway. It's not cheap but it IS worth it.
Basically, the tub is packed full of a solid white balm. You scoop out a teaspoon sized amount, rub it in your hands until it transforms into a thick oil then run it through your dry hair. I add a little more than a teaspoon as I really like to feel that my hair is coated in it but you can start small and add more until you're satisfied on that front.
You leave it on your hair, mid lengths and ends  but not roots, for twenty minutes and then rinse it off, following up with shampoo and conditioner as normal.
Now, it isn't until your hair is completely dry that you start to see the miracle that this product is. It reduces frizz, keeping hair soft and silky smooth and the best part is that it works deep down too for long lasting results.
I don't have many split ends as I'm pretty good at keeping on top of trimming my hair but any odd ones that I do have seem to disappear after using this product. I don't know if this is meant to happen but I'm not going to complain all the same.
The balm contains seven, thanks Boots website, exotic oils as well as butters and a number oof other ingredients that would be found naturally in healthy hair. By adding these to dry hair, it helps to restore the balance.
I don't have particularly dry hair but I can still see such a difference with the use of this product. The balm is also recommended for medium to thick hair but me and my fine hair love it all the same.
The tub lasts for a reasonable amount of time when considering the price as the solid balm melts to form a lot more product than it would appear on first looks but you can't, in my opinion, put a price on having hair that's in a lovely condition! The tub recommends use once or twice a week and I think that's definitely enough to keep hair looking and feeling great.
Have you tried this yet?


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