Saturday, 13 April 2013


As this product no longer seems to be available on the Boots website, I have added a link to Amazon where it is currently on sale.
Now, onto the good stuff. I've spoken about Dainty Doll before, countless times now in fact, and today I'm bringing you another product from the range; the Loose Mineral Powder.
As per, there are four shades available in the line; 001 through to 004. I'm using 003 which is 'Medium' but as the whole range is made for pale skin, it's still very light.
I've never been a big user of mineral powders. I just feel that the look either unnatural and cakey on the skin if you apply enough to get a reasonable coverage or that they look natural because they barely offer any coverage and then I begin to question whether it's actually worth even applying it in the first place.
Anyway, this is totally different. It's light on the skin so doesn't look cakey but the overage it still reasonable for the type of product it is. It buffs in nicely using the built in brush, and I find this also helps you to get just the right amount of product too.
The powder is, in my opinion, very illuminating which really brightens up my skin and it feels really nice and velvety too.
The powder isn't the longest lasting but as it's all pretty compact it can be easily carried around for touch ups.
I like to wear this powder over liquid foundations too, just to set them and give them a lovely finish.
It's not drying on the skin and it also contains SPF 18, brownie points.
I really like this mineral powder, to the point where I am ready to consider the possibility that not all mineral powders are unnatural looking/don't work.
Have you given this product a go? What do you think of mineral powders?

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