Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Elizabeth Arden's Skin Balancing Lotion is unlike anything I've ever tried before. It's basically an oil free, super hydrating 24 hour moisturiser. So far, pretty generic but for me, it's the feel of it on my skin and the effects that make the world of difference.
On application, it feels almost sticky, not greasy or slimy- sticky. At first I wasn't sure whether this would be a deal breaker for me but now, I actually like this element. It's not sticky like hair in lipgloss sticky but a little tacky, I guess. I like this because you can really tell when the moisturiser has sunk in to the skin because the tacky feeling disappears and then you can be sure you're all ready for make up application.
Once you get to this stage, my skin is already looking much more radiant, really fresh, awake and healthy. I have quite dull skin when it's left to its own devices so for me products like this are little miracles in a bottle (cheese anyone?!). I feel that it makes my make up apply more nicely and I like the effect it gives my skin so much that I'm actually pretty happy leaving my face bare on a good skin day.
I won't bang on about y love for SPF again, but there's factor 15 in this so that makes me super happy too.
It's pretty pricey for 50ml of product but as you only use a small amount each time, it works out to be pretty cost effective (if that's even the right phrase?).
Do you like Elizabeth Arden skin care?


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