Friday, 5 April 2013


I very rarely use heat on my hair and prefer to let my hair dry naturally whenever possible but you can't look like a scruff when you're going somewhere nice and in these circumstances, heat from blowdrying, straightening and curling is necessary. That's where this lovely little product comes in.
As far as I'm concerned, ghd still are and always will be the top dog of  the hair styling world so I rely 100% on their products to keep my hair looking great and I genuinely believe that the reason my hair is still soft and has minimal split ends after heat styling is because of this Heat Protect Spray.
Basically, if I'm drying my hair, I'll spritz a fairly generous amount of this all over my hair beforehand and we're good to go. When I'm using styling tools on dry hair, I do the same thing prior to applying the heat.
I have seen so many people with frazzled ends to their hair and I believe that it really is preventable and for £9.95, why wouldn't you pick up this little miracle in a bottle to give your hair a fair chance in life?!


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