Saturday, 20 April 2013


GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud Mask £39.99.
Nobody looks attractive first thing in the morning with a yucky green colour smeared all over their face. Let me off? Thank you.
Ok so I received a sample pouch of the GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud mask a few weeks back now and have since been uhm-ing and ah-ing over whether to splash out and treat myself to the full sized product.
With that said, let's get on to the product. GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud is a Tinglexfoliate treatement. It's basically a thin mud mask with little exofliator bits in it- I even found a leaf (see the end of my nose). You apply a thin layer of the mask and leave it to dry for twenty minutes. After that time you wash it off with water, exfoliating with the little scratchy bits as you go.
The first couple of minutes after application involved a lot of tingling. I've seen some reviews that have said that during this period it felt like burning but for me, this was definitely no more than a strong tingle. It wasn't painful or anywhere near unbearable as some reviews have stated so I guess this is all down to the individual, but for me personally, I really liked this feeling. I have a facewash that does a similar thing and so when the tingling kicked in I was pretty pleased. After a couple of minutes, the tingling is still there but dies down and the mask begins to dry.
Once the twenty minutes was up, I washed as directed, using the exfoliator elements in the process. The exfoliating part was really nice and gentle- not at all scratchy or irritating on the skin. I actually thought that it might be to gentle to do anything but once the mask was removed I couldn't have been more wrong.
All my blackheads had gone. Totally disappeared. Not just minimised, actually gone. For me I get them most on my nose and chin. I usually use the Biore strips on my nose but don't have anything like that for my chin. I find that although daily exfoliating washes held stop them getting worse, they do not clear them up as such but this is the one product that has actually got rid of them completely. And almost a week down the line, they're still nowhere in sight so tht must mean that the mud has worked really deep down too.
I don't know exactly how it works but it does and I can understand why it's a celebrity favourite.
Now the price of this mud is up there with real luxury skincare brands and that's been the reason for my undecisiveness over whether or not to purchase my own pot but after a while of mulling it over I've decided that I love it so much that I can't be without it. I would now reach for this over all of the other skincare products I have ever tried put together. It is truly amazing and I'm currently very impatiently awaiting the postman!
Have you tried GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud? What are your thoughts?


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