Tuesday, 16 April 2013


My love affair with Macadamia grows stronger every time I use another one of their products, and on todays radar is their Deep Repair Masque, packed full of natural lovelies such as tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract. It also has the most gorgeous smell as is the case with all Macadamia products.
But it's all very well and good giving you this list of nice things about it, the real question is, does it work? And the answer- yes.
Now I've only used this a couple of times but as a) I got so excited about it I wanted to talk about it right now! and b) The results are instant I decided that you'd all forgive me for posting about it so early on in the day.
Basically, you shampoo your hair, get rid of all the foam, then apply this straight on to your wet hair. You comb it through and leave it for seven minutes before washing it off.
Now, as soon as I brushed my wet hair through, I noticed the difference, there was no tugging or tangles, my brush just glided through, which doesn't happen without some form of leave in conditioner for me, so this was all pretty exciting and THEN my hair dried!
That was when the real magic happened, that phrase always makes me laugh, is it just me?! probably, it's just so cheesy! Anyway, my hair felt like silk, real silk and I just wanted to stroke it and run my fingers through it and swish it all over the place. Honestly, it left my hair beautiful and there was not the teeniest bit of frizz in sight either, bonus!
So usually, with a twice weekly mask, there comes the next hair wash when you don't use it and then your hair goes back to feeling rubbish but this didn't happen. My hair still felt like silk after the next wash, and the next until I used it again. That's when you know something's doing really good things to yourhair right? Usually with these instant effect hair products, the nice silky feeling they give only lasts until the next wash but this is totally different so I figure it must be working deep down!
I'm going to stop being all gushy now, but basically, this is a new favourite. I will never be without it again, not ever, ever, ever.
Have you given the Deep Repair Masque a go? What did you think?


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