Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I don't like hairspray. The smell gets in my mouth, my throat, my nose, my eyes and all other exposed surrounding areas. It's not the spray itself, it's the smell. For this reason, I tend to steer clear of hair spray and just deal with any fly-aways as and when they rock up to the party, but when I was offered the chance to give Macadamia's offering a go, after loving all of their other products, curiosity took over and here we are.
Thank goodness for Macadamia is al I can say. They've done it again with this product. It has a milder version of that ever present Macadamia smell, so no horrible chemically rubbish to inhale- yay! This was an immediate tick for me the first time I used this spray but where Macadamia really wins a place as one of my new favourite hair brands is in how their products work and this hair spray is no different.
It's light and so doesn't weigh hair down, fast drying and stays put. You don't get any of those horrid little flaky bits when you brush through it afterwards either-  it just seems to brush through leaving no trace that it's even been there in the first place.
Another thing I love about the control spray is that it gives a lovely shine to your hair. I don't know if any of you girls find this too but most the time I find that hairspray can really dull down hair? so this is definitely a welcome change. I also like that this spray doesn't make your hair crunchy. It allows it to move while keeping frizz and fly-aways at bay.
I've also read up on the Macadamia website that the spray provides natural UV protection- something which many people don't realise that their hair needs, and is humidity resistant. I haven't been able to put the humidity claim to the test as the Great British Weather has once again not failed to disappoint so far this year but am looking forward to giving this a go in the summer to try that out.


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