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I'm going to cause problems here because I don't actually use this as a body lotion.. I use it on my face. Eeek. Is that ok? I have tried using this on my body a couple of  years ago but I find it has an orangey tint on my skin. Since then, I have seen so many people rave about this as a gradual tanner saying that it produces a natural colour, it's not orange, etc. etc. but for me personally, I do get that orangeness and unnatural colour, especially on my legs. I think it really depends on your skin tone to begin with and please don't let my experience put you off using this as like I said, so many other people find it great as an all over body tanner, and you know what?! If you do try it out and find the same issues as me, you've still got another option.
I use this on my face about twice a week. I'm very, very pale. My face is a lot paler than my body, which isn't an easy task in itself, but it's also quite grey and there's nothing I dislike more than dull skin so yes, twice a week I apply this to my face as I would my normal moisturiser and within a few hours, the colour has developed into a lovely light bronze colour. Not so much that it's like "whoaaa, someone's been using fake tan" but so that your skin just looks a lot healthier, more radiant and glowing. You can obviously build on this, using it every day, as is the case on your body, to develop a deeper tan but I find twice a week to be enough for me.
One thing I would say is if you are using it on just your face, to blend it down your neck, just to be safe. I have on occasion forgotten this step and it's not been obvious as the colour is really subtle but I imagine if you're doing this every day, the colour difference would start to emerge.
The smell isn't the original cocoa butter scent but I wouldn't say it's a strong fake tan smell either. It probably slots somewhere in the middle and the smell does disappear after a few hours too.
It's moisturising so doesn't give your skin that itchy scaley feeling and if you do stop applying it, it fades nicely instead of going all patchy and horrible.
As I use it on my face, this bottle lasts me forever so it's such good value for me but there's still a good amount in it so I'm sure it'll last a reasonable time to use as a body tanner too.
Have you tried this product?


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