Tuesday, 2 April 2013



It's my turn to talk Apocalips. I have two; Apocoliptic (middle photo) and Big Bang (bottom photo). These lip lacquers from Rimmel have been out for a little while now and everyone has been raving about them but as I picked the two brightest shades, I have had trouble finding an appropriate occasion to wear them and really 'test drive' them and so it is only now that I've managed to do this and feel that I can give a full and well founded view on them.
The formula is really lovely, it's a combination between a lipstick and a lacquer with a satin finish to boot, but the Boots website could tell you that so I'm just going to jump on in to telling you how I got on with them.
Big Bang is the most amazing bright red and Apocoliptic is an equally bright blue toned fuschia pink. Both colours look lovely on and I intend to buy some more shades in slightly more subtle colours too.
The wear time on these is amazing- I was a little dubious about the eight hour claim. I don't think I've had a lip product that stays at it's best for a full eight hours but this does and even then, when it comes to taking these off, they don't budge with ease. I took two make up wipes to these and still, there were reminants of colour left.
They feel lovely to wear too. The formula is really smooth. It's none drying and on me, it doesn't show any of the fine lines in my lips either which I love about it.
I love, love, love these. They are definitely my favourite 'evening' lip products but I can see Apocoliptic being a summer daytime favourite too. They are amazing value for money and as I said, I will definitely be buying some more.
That's my bandwagon jumping done and I would love to know what you think of the Rimmel Apocalips.
(P.s, my fish tanks look filthy, they're not, it's just the way the camera has picked up my face with the flash and darkened the background- I can't have you thinking I don't look after my little guys, they're actually the most spoilt pets going!)


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