Friday, 26 April 2013


I was havig a really rubbish time with my skin recently which for me was pretty destroying as lucky for me, I've never suffered with anything more than the occasional one or two spots at various points each month but my skin had got into a pretty terrible state. I have now singled out the product responsible and in a cruel to be kind manner, binned the beast. I shan't go into that now as I'm not one for slating products in the skincare department, especially as I know the product in question is much loved by a lot of people in the blogging world so enough of that, but basically, this product by Skinetica has been my saviour.
I have used this in combination with The Body Shop Tea Tree night lotion. Dream team.
Skinetica are a brand I first heard of a few months ago but didn't really embrace until the recent aforementioned crisis. I received this particular sample in my Glossybox in, October, I think? I tried it a couple of times back then but it sort of got sidelined as I didn't feel that my skin needed it. Now, however, I will be investing in a full sized 80ml bottle for any future disasters.
Basically, you apply this to your clean face with a cotton pad to the effected area and leave it to work. You repeat this process every twelve hours until you're all blemish free.
In all, I'd say this product took about five applications to clear my skin in the initial problem area,  but please bear in mind, this area was bad with a capital 'B'. On less serious area, a difference can be seen after a couple of applications.
I was so impressed with this product, not only because it did what it said on the tin, but also because it was nice on my skin in that, it wasn't drying, didn't burn or anything along those lines.
Such a great, affordable product that actually works. Have you tried the Skinetica Anti-blemish?


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