Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm revising my little socks off at the moment but just wanted to share with you all my super snuggly new jumper which I have branded the 'revision' jumper as I can see myself living in it for the forseeable whilst I get ready for my uni exams in a couple of weeks time. I'm obviously so fashionable that I can pull this off with my Primark snuggle pants and I'm loving my double chin in the second picture. Oh and I'm grumpy about my eyebrows- too thin, too thin. Life is good! But really, this jumper is so lovely. I wish they had an 'L' one but I've decided that the 'M' can stand for 'Me'. Good call, yes?! Hope you girls are all well.


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.