Friday, 19 April 2013


 Good morning! So, if you saw my outfit post last night then you will know that Alex and I went to a local little vintage fair. I was, as always, completely unprepared and forgot to take my camera so I apologise for the awful quality phone pictures but the evening was just too lovely not to post about so I figured some pictures are better than no pictures, right?
The event was held in a gorgeous old house/building- it was absolutely massive so calling it a house just doesn't seem right somehow. The house was 600 years old and the features inside (and out) were gorgeous. Truly fitting for a vintage evening. There were even open log-burner fires which were lovely after coming in from some rather chilly weather outside.
The stalls spanned four rooms and Alex and I wandered round for a good two hours chatting to all the lovely stall owners there along the way and learning lots of really interesting things. Something that was really lovely is that a few of the stall owners actually run blogs so it was really great finding out more about those too.
I could have easily spent a small fortune in there but I was good and only bought myself a few handmade soaps and a cupcake but armed with lots of cards you can be sure that I will be popping online and making some more naughty purchases. Sorry student loan!

Ok so the first stall you can see in the pictures was a handmade soap one piled high with gorgeous products made by ONDINE Naturals. Naturally my nose was drawn straight through the building to these. I ended up buying a whole heap of soap and Alex even got in on the action with a lime soap AND some bathbombs. The lady in the soap know, Raelene, was brilliant at explaining all about her products, which she makes herself, and she told us that all of her soaps were vegetarian friendly. The majority of them were even vegan friendly too. As well as being good in those areas, the soaps are also completely natural, and paraben and SLS free, I'm no scientist so you can read up on those on Google but basically they're nasties that are in most products are this nature. Raelene is about to open a new shop in a new location but she is also in the process of launching an online store so if you want to pop over to her website, you can find out a little more about that. If you do end up purchasing some soaps, which I'd really recommend, some of my favourites include Lime, Parma Violet (my absolute favourite), cherry, liquorice (which contains mock soap liquorice allsorts- so pretty) but in all fairness, there wasn't a single one that I wouldn't have loved to purchase. Alex's bath bombs were also parma violet scented but there were many more scents including a lovely rose one. Raelene also has some dead sea salts which also have the most gorgeous scent. Everyone loves a good smelly bath product anyway but after talking to Raeline and learning about her products and how passionate she feels about what she does I will definitely be supporting her in the future and buying many more products from her in the future. I'll ever be gravitating towards ONDINE Naturals over a certain other smelly products shop from now on.

Another one of my favourite stalls, and future favourite shops , is Holloways of Poulton which are another company about to open a shop. Coincidentally, their shop is located in Alex's works old office. Spooky, hey? Anyway, they specialise in vintage fashions including rockabilly and pin-up. The selection of clothes that they brought to the fair last night was incredible. Every single piece was gorgeous and screamed vintage. The real winners for me were the green toadstool and red bluebird cardigans but I would happily have taken the whole lot home with me. The girls responsible for Holloways of Poulton, Suzy and Jenny, were absolutely lovely too and had the most incredible style. You could just tell how much they loved all things vintage and that really translates in their stock. Jenny is also launching her own blog very soon which will be called so do keep you eyes peeled for that and in the meantime, there are plenty of ongoings over on the HoP website (here) including a blog to keep you all up to date with any events that the girls are taking part in. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all of which are linked on their website.

There was another lovely little stall present at the fair called 'My Vintage Life'. I chatted to Lynda, the stall owner for a while about all things vintage and was so interested to hear that she travels the country with her stall that specialises in vintage jewellery, crafts, accessories and homeware. You can pop over to Lynda's website here where you can browse and purchase some of her stock. I really enjoyed chatting to Lynda about vintage jumpers and their patterns whilst flicking through a little book she'd put together with lots of examples of them (you can see a couple in the pictures I've taken above). It was just really lovely to chat about fashion through the decades and it's definitely inspired me to carry on with my ebaying ways on the search for many more vintage jumpers. The photos also reminded me just how much I love the hair and make up of days gone by and I will definitely be being a little more experimental in those areas from now on.

Cupcake also had a little stall where they were selling, can you guess?, cupcakes. They were so pretty to look at but ultimately, as much as I wanted to look them forever, they were even tastier to eat. I find that sometimes, with cupcakes, they can be really overpriced but there was no such thing last night with Cupcake which made me really happy, but also really greedy! Vikki was so nice and told me all about her Facebook page, here, where you will be able to see how truly beautiful her creations are and join me in gushing over them too!

So, that's  the stalls done but an event wouldn't be complete without a little caricature now would it?! And that's exactly what Alex and I had done. As a fairly regular caricature goer, I was happy in the knowledge that the focal point of my character would be my larger than life tooth gap and as I love this part of me, I'm perfectly happy to give the artist a grin safe in the knowledge that my smile will appear on there. Alex, however, has never had a caricature done and so was completely unsure what to expect when it came to him. He was left impressed though, as was I. I particularly love how Tim made sure to include my 'scouse brows' as you all know I love my eyebrows. I do really love the picture and really recommend you having a nosey at Tim's website- Welly's Caricatures. Tim was really lovely and just had a way of making you feel at ease- it could be potentially awkward having someone stare at you for twenty minuntes otherwise- and he had actually previously worked in a similar field to Alex so they had lots to chat about. Welly's Caricatures do events such as weddings, parties, fairs and the like so definitely worth considering for one of these, and what a great talking point, right?!

So, that was our evening. This has been a very photo and text heavy post so well done if you've got this far. I just had the most lovely evening and wanted to share it all with you, as well as telling you about some of the little gems I discovered whilst there. What o you think of little events like this? Are you into all things vintage?


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