Thursday, 18 April 2013


It's official, I may be about to ditch my trusty 'there-when-i-need-it' tanner, the St Tropez mousse, in favour of an instant colour lotion from XEN-TAN. XEN-TAN is always a brand that I've wanted to try but didn't want to splash out on incase I would be left both disappointed and poor so when I was given the chance to test it out c/o Wizard Publicity (Thank you Maddy) I grabbed it with both hands. Now as this is only a sample, the packaging is slightly different from those in retail but there is a link above to the product on Feel Unique so you can have a nosey at that.
Then tan itself is incredible; from the smell to the colour to the lasting power, all of it.
First up, the smell as I know this is a deal breaker for some when it comes to fake tan. There's none of that horrible burnt biscuit/curry powder combination of a smell here, it's all nice and coconutty. My dad, not knowing I'd applied it actually said, "it smells of holidays" in here when he walked in from outside. Result. The smell lasts until showering for the first time after application and when that goes, there's not a trace of any smell at all.
Now, onto the colour. It's an instant colour which is great because if like me, you're a bit clumbsy when it comes to applying your tan, you can end up with streaks, orange knees, the works. For this reason I have only used tanners with an instant colour for the past few years now so the XEN-TAN is perfect in that aspect for me. It applies nicely and evenly and doesn't dry out your skin. This is most likely due to it's inclusion of Argan oil. I do struggle with all fake tans and seem to get itchy rashes from them, particularly on my back but this doesn't happen at all with this product and I'm guessing that the moisturising properties are responsible for this. Thank goodness for Argan oil. It's great for hair and body.
Back on track- I apply the tan at night before bed and shower as normal in the morning. I find that this amount of time gives the exact colour I'm after. As a very pale person, I don't want anything like whoaaaa, three month Caribbean cruise alert, although if that was the case, I'd be a very happy bunny, but for an over night tan purposes, I just want a mid sort of colour (Maybe leave it for a couple more hours if you're after something deeper than that).
When washing the tan off the guide colour is stripped away leaving the tan that has developed underneath.  The water turns red! Don't panic, you're not bleeding and the tan is not washing off! When you get out of  the shower, you'll be left with a lovely olive colour to your skin. I love tans that come out olive, it means that you're not going to get the infamous orange tint that is the case with a lot of fake tans out there.
The tube states that the colour of the tan is medium but it's worth noting that this is based on American colouring. For us girls who rarely see the sun, it's dark.
The tan is also very buildable meaning that a couple of applications will leave you with a super dark colouring and this tan is also a long-laster. I'd say I got about a week out of the tan before it started to fade.
When fading, its very subtle. There are no horrid, scaley patches in sight.
Also, somethign worth noting- being the lazy person I am, I actually applied the tan with my bare hands yesterday- why go searching for your tanning glove right?! When my hands turned super dark brown during application I started to regret my decision but after reading the back of the tube of tan, I saw that this can be removed by washing hands after application for two minutes with warm soapy water. I was so impressed with this aspect, there was not a tell tale fake tan hand in sight.
I cannot rate the XEN-TAN Moroccan Tan enough, although it may seem a little pricey, you have to remember you'd pay it for St Tropez and for me, this is above and beyond so definitely worth the pennies. I will be purchasing a second tube of this very shortly (bring on my student loan tomorrow!) and cannot see this being replaced for a very long time as my favourite fake tan!
Have you tried any of the XEN-TAN range? Also, please excuse my fluffy socks, my feet are always too cold for words!


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