Thursday, 2 May 2013



Fine One One is described as a brightening lip and cheek duo that gives you 'lift, shape and pop'.
First off, the packaging is beautiful- everyone loves a bit of rose gold and it's ever so regal looking. It's also really convinient- the twist up stick makes for super easy application with no mess.
One swipe of the stick across the cheek leaves a three stripe effect. I felt almost a little tribal and wanted to do the Red Indian "wahwahwahwahhh", hand over mouth thing. I hope you all know what I mean. Anyway, once I'd finished having my fun, I blended the three stripes out using just my fingers and my goodness it's lovely.
The fact you just swipe it across once means that you get no waste product and also, if you're only using one swipe on each cheek a day, it's going to last forever.
Secondly, it feels so nice to blend out and just to wear generally. It has a lovely soft and creamy texture and doesn't feel at all sticky or tacky.
Once blended you're left with a pretty soft coral-ish colour which is super illuminating and just lifts the skin. Lift claim- ticked! I guess illuminating could be described as pop so- check! and finally, as for shaping- it really does bring out your cheekbones. Mine are none existent but I think it does a pretty good job at teasing them out- so that's a big fat check for that claim too!
The colour pay off is great which is why only one swipe is enough and talking of swiping, it glides very easily too.
In reference to the lips, it does produce a very lovely shade- in the picture I have a mix of the white and pink but different combinations are available.
Overall, I do prefer it as a cheek product to a lip one but that's because I really, really love it as a cheek product.
It's quite pricey and I do think that some products that are priced in this range are overpriced but this, for me, is honestly so worth it. The quality, the effect, just everything. It's lovely..
Have you tried Fine One One yet?


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