Saturday, 25 May 2013


So, when I first caught wind of this product back in early April, I wanted it and when I found out I had to wait almost two months for it's release I could have cried, so naturally as soon as it did come out, I was all over it and lucky for me, I also got it a little bit cheaper as it was on introductory offer. Win, win.
With such high expectations, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I was bound to be disappointed but I can honestly say that this product has one hundred and ten percent matched up to the hype I built around it in my head in those two months.
Basically, it's a primer that adds a bit of colour to your face prior to foundation application, or, you can actually wear this on it's own as a base.
In the pot, the primer may look a little bit scary, as in, it's pretty dark and chocolate moussey; it does actually smell of chocolate, much like Bourjois chocolate bronzer, but once on, it just leaves a really natural looking hint of colour.
You need the tiniest amount and I can already tell that this pot is going to last me such a long time because of this, and then you just apply it as you would your average primer.
It smooths out the skin tone and minimises pores, as well as mattifying your face slightly but not so much so that your face would look flat if you were to wear this on it's own as a base.
It keeps make up put all day and the colour lasts with it too.
It reminds me, texture wise of a mousse, but a light velvet feeling one, rather than a stiff one, if this is making any sense, so it's easy to blend and just feels lovely on the skin.
This is definitely a summer essential for any of you pale ladies for the summer months, like myself, as it's not like whoa, fake tan dark, but would be equally great for medium skin tones just to even everything out and perk up the skin a little bit. I have also tried using this as a cream bronzer and it works great in that department too.
This is something that I will definitely be keeping close for the forseeable future and I plan on trying the bronzing BB cream from the range next. Have you tried this primer?



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