Tuesday, 7 May 2013



I like Elemis products and have ever since using their shampoo and conditioner at a Center Parcs spa back when I was fourteen- gosh that makes me feel old and I have come to expect that all of their products will be of the same high quality too. This exfoliating face wash is no exception and I have been left completely smitten with yet another one of their products.
The Skin Glow exfoliator has a pretty strong citrus cent which I personally love in a face product as I find it instantly makes me feel fresh and more awake. I love Dermalogica products for the same reason. With this exfoliator however, it's not your typical lemon scented citrus, it's actually mandarin which makes me feel so summery. It actually makes me want to eat Solero ice lollies too but maybe that's just me.
Once you've finished being taken aback by the gorgeous smell, you'll next notice the exfoliating particals in the face wash. The face wash itself is quite thick and is orange/peach in colour, I guess this is to emulate the mandarin fragrance. The exfoliator beads are actually jojoba beads and there is also the element of cherry powder thrown in to the mix too. The idea behind this is that it will gently polish and refine skin texture (thanks feelunique.com). I find that the particals are pretty small and pretty scratchy but not in an 'ouch- that hurts my face' kind of way. More in like a 'ooh, I can feel it taking off the dead skin cells and leaving my skin all glowy and fresh looking'. So, although scratchy, I wouldn't say they're too harsh making it a perfect everday face wash.
I found that I could see the effects of the face wash pretty much straight away. My skin looked a lot less dull and a lot more awake. It has a nice and natural dewy look to it and leaves my face feeling soft and smooth.
For me, the Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash is a real winner and it has now replaced my Biore as my daily exfoliator.
Have you tried this face wash? What are your favourite exfoliators?


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