Wednesday, 29 May 2013


From my very first dabble in the hair extensions world many years ago, I have always been  loyal to Hairtrade.com. First of all, their customer service is brilliant, their delivery is fast and most importantly, their products are great quality but you'd expect nothing less from one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products.
Today I've decided to share with you my lovely Rapunzel locks and just tell you a little more about them.
Ok, so my hair is as dark as it could be without being black at the moment so I have my I&K Gold extensions in the shade Darkest Brown.  Makes sense, right? Although there are plenty of other shades to choose from if you're not currently gothin' it up like me. These are 100% human hair which I need because I am forever changing the colour of my hair and so being able to dye the extensions is important for me. I have had many differet sets of these extensions in the past and can vouch for their style and dye as you would your own hair claim as even going from one shade lighter than my current ones, I have got them to being a near white blonde in the past without them being fried which I believe really says a lot about the quality of these extensions.
I personally chose the 18 inch extensions because any shorter and they're close to my real hair length anyway, mind you, I have just had it chopped today to shoulder length so perhaps not (although, this is great for adding volume) and 22 inches is just a little long for me as I find it dangling in things throughout the day as I'm not used to having hair so long and food in the hair is not a good look!
In a pack of extensions you get ten pieces of hair with clips already attached. some pieces are singular and some have three clips. This means you can really fit them around your head in a way to suit you. There are also two pieces of singular sized hair without clips. This is great if you want to do a the equivalent of a strand test for your extensions but also if you find yourself wanting a couple more single clip pieces instead of a piece with three clips, in which case, it's easy enough to just swap the clips over.
I personally mix and match two packs of the extensions in my hair. I just find this combination to work best for me. I have super, super fine and thin hair so I like to add lots of single clip pieces around the front and sides of my hair and then two strips of the three clip pieces around the back. I have, however just used a single pack many times in the past and it has looked just as thick and swishy and beautiful so it really just depends on your preference of fitting the extensions.
The quality of these baby's is so lovely, they're really soft and sleek and don't shed when brushing or get tangled. You can wash them with a special hair extension shampoo which is also sold by Hairtrade, however, I have always just washed mine with my usual shampoo and conditioner and left them to airdry and have found that they have lasted really well anyway but I'm sure it can't help to be cautious if you're thinking of going down the special shampoo route.
I really cannot recommend these extensions enough, they blend nicely (it may be worth noting that I have not styled my hair, just stuck them in and they still blend so well with my natural and somewhat unruly hair- I know some can look silly unless they're styled in with curls or whatever), have a great selection of colours (including ombre) and hair textures and they are also really reasonably priced!
What do you think about extensions? Do you like having the option to change the length of your hair in minutes? Will you be trying out Hairtrade's extensions?



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