Friday, 3 May 2013



01, 02, 03, 06, 11, 12.

Shade 01 is a bright red with slight brown undertones. It looks a lot browner in the stick than once applied to my lips although I have quite pigmented lips so whether this will be the case for everyone involved, I'm not too sure. Maybe see the arm swatch for reference. I love this shade. The finish, as with the rest of the lipsticks is somewhere between, in my opinion, satin and glossy if that makes any sense?
I think I must be having serious camera issues because the way the lipstick has photographed is so much duller than in real life. It's actually a bright fucshia with slight blue undertones. I'm actually really disappointed that this hasn't shown in the picture as it's my second favourite shade from my collection. It's pretty much true in colour to how it looks in the stick and is a lot less matte looking too. What a pain on my camera front.
This one has picked up the colour exactly. It's my least favourite but that's because I don't feel the colour applies nicely to my lips or suits my skin tone. I have seen this look gorgeous on other peope though so don't let my loser lips put you off. It's a pretty true nude shade with more of a brown undertone to it than nude pink.

Again my camera has let me down. This is my most favourite lipstick from the collection and probably my new favourite lipstick ever. It's actually super bright boardering  neon- wowie! It reminds me of a slightly more red toned version of Candy Yum Yum by Mac, in terms of it's neon-ness. My Mum hates it, I love it. It's probably not the easiest of shades to wear but if you're after something really bright and summery, it's perfect. Again, it's closer to the shade in the stick (first picture) for reference. I can't stop wearing this.

This is pretty similar to shade 01 but with added purple tones. It's a little darker too. It actually looks similar to shade 06 in the picture but it's not. Urg, I don't know why I  bothered on the picture front today, it clearly wasn't my day. This is a pretty Autumnal shade so I will probably keep it safe until then- September doesn't seem all that far away now.
This is a great summer shade. It's an orange red which reminds me or the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Rendezvous. I really like orangey toned lipstick anyway so this was always going to be a winner. This one is actually spot on in terms of how it has pictured too which is a plus.
As I was unhappy with the way the colours panned out in hte above pictures I took a couple more to give you a better indication of the shades. Please excuse the wet hair- I did them this morning after coming out of the shower. Blogger dedication points?

Over all, I really love all the shades I picked up from the Lasting Finish Collection by Kate. They're really long lasting, not too drying and apply nicely. Now for the best part- I got these from Fragrance Direct for only £1.99 each! Will you be heading over to pick yourself up some new shades?


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