Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Top C/O Traffic People
When I first laid eyes on this gorgeous top from Traffic People, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I love pieces that can be styled to be girly and grungey alike and this top fits that description perfectly.  It's just such a versatile piece and the quality of this top is incredible.
I was just going to feature this in an outfit of the day but it's so beautiful that I decided to dedicate a whole, very gushy post to it.
It's made of 100% which means you can't be lazy and shove it on a quick spin in the washing machine, it's a hand wash in cold water job but as this top is my new baby, I don't mind one teensy bit taking that little bit of extra time over it.
Now we've dealt with the whole care instructions, I'm going to get down to serious business- HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRINT ON THIS?! It's like bows, made of Zebra print! The top is actually called 'Zebrime Bows' and either I'm being super clever and a bit of a Sherlock Holmes and putting all the clues together or it's really obvious, but let me have my moment on this one?
It's also such a flattering fit; it's oversized ever so slightly but in such a flattering way and the pleat detailing i gorgeous. And being silk,it feels amazing and so, well, silky on my skin. Is it just me that likes to feel clothes before I buy them to make sure they feel nice by the way? Alex thinks I'm a complete weird one for it but I just can't think of anything worse than clothing that your'e not going to feel comfy in or that's going to irritate your skin.
I really love the collar on this top too, and how there's a little button in the middle of it to fasten the top up. I'm terrible at buttons, they're just so fiddly so the fact that this one fastens with elastic is such a bonus. Brownie Points to Traffic People.
The top also comes in pink which I'm now really considering buying as I am completely head over heels with this top, and about a thousand other things over on Traffic People's website, but I'm going to have to hold my horses until I'll feeling a bit more flash (the life and times of being a student) before I go buying out all of their stock (fingers crossed that  win the lottery on Saturday).
I'm going to stop gushing over this top now and get on with wearing it but I cannot even begin to explain how gorgeous the stock is over at Traffic People and I really recommend you have a nosey. You can go straight to their website by clicking on their banner below.
Has anything on their site taken your fancy?



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