Monday, 24 June 2013


So amidst all this choatic blogging business, it's sometimes hard to remember just to take some time to yourself and relax; no computer, laptop, phone, etc.
I've used bath salts before but never really got into them or their concept. Sure, they smell good but that's as far as me and bath salts have ever got.
When I saw Fleur talking about Therapie's Himalyan Detox Salts and how great she found them at helping her switch off and have a great night's sleep, I thought I'd give bath salts another go, however after realising that these magical salts came with a £35 price tag, I went onto good old Ebay in search of a cheaper alternative, and that's where Absolute Aromas Detox Himalayan Bath Salt comes in.
Now then, I've never really tried to describe a smell to  you guys before. When it comes to perfume, I've always played it safe by describing 'notes' but with bath salts, you don't really get 'notes' as such to rely on. So here goes... Firstly, these smell absolutely gorgeous. They remind me of one of the rooms in the Center Parcs Spa, if any of you have been there? When I stick my nose in the jar, the first thing that hits me is a light floral smell but when I breathe deeper, I get really strong citrus. I've looked at the ingredients which tell me this is grapefruit, but I would say it's more lemon/lime. It reminds me of some sort of sweet but I cannot for the life of me think which sweet it is so if any of you do try this, please do let me know if you work it out.
Anyway, I'm sure you all know how bath salts work; you pour some into your running bath, they dissolve and make your bath smell pretty.
The main thing though, is whether these actually work, and while it's quite possibley a psychological thing, I do feel much more relaxed after using these and I genuinely do go to bed feeling calmer, switched off from the world and ready to sleep.
I really do like the Absolute Aromas Detox Himalayan Bath Salt and will definitely be repurchasing these, for £3.57 why wouldn't you?! Have a nosey here at the Ebay seller.
Will you be giving these a go?
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