Monday, 10 June 2013


 Prior to being contacted by a very lovely lady named Louise, I had never heard of the brand 'amie'. She sent me over some information about their ethos and the products they sell and I found myself nodding along to the pdf in agreement with all their policies.
First off, they are a vegetarian and vegan friendly brand. Being a vegetarian myself, this is something I always favour in products, and the majority of their products being vegan too means that their range is pretty much suited to everyone's needs. I say the majority because the SPRING CLEAN Cooling Clay Mask* does contain a percentage of beeswax but the NEW BLOOM Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes* and SKIN SHIELD Daily Moisturiser* are 100% free of any animal ingredients.
Additionally, all of Amie's skincare is free of parabens, mineral oils, sulphates and petrochemicals. This means that you're not putting any nasties on your face but also, that their products are suitable for sensitive skin.
Now, onto the actual products; I'm going to start with the SKIN SHIELD moisturiser purely because it's packaged in bright yellow and makes me feel all summery. The daily moisturiser contains SPF 15 and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. A little science lesson for you now- most moisturiser SPF's contain UVB protection only. These rays are responsible for sunburn and only tend to come out when it's sunny. UVA rays, however, are present all the time and are the ones that can cause ageing over time, and nobody wants old looking skin, so it's really important to protect from both types of rays so as an SPF freak, this ticks all the boxes.
There's no real scent to this and so I belive this would be a good one for even sensitive skin (this along with all the nasties that it's free from!) and it contains sunflower which makes me smile because firstly it's a sunflower, and that's cute but secondly, sunflower extract is really great at keeping skin soft, which this moisturiser really does. If you weren't already sold, it also contains lots of fruits packed with anti-oxidants as well as multi-vitamins.
I feel like I've waffled on about all the sciencey bits and ingredients, etc. but as a product, it's lovely. It keeps my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I'd say it's quite thick in consistency but not so thick that it just sits on the skin. It sinks in quickly and doesn't leave skin greasy. And the best bit? It retails at £5.95.
The NEW BLOOM Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes are 'right up my street' for want of a better word. They basically act as a normal make up wipe with the added bonus of a cleansing element. So for those of you who may be a little... relaxed(?) with your skincare routine after a late one, these are perfect. They would also be perfect for camping and the upcoming festival season! I personally will not be braving any festivals this summer but I know that I will still be using these to death to take my make up off as soon as I get home before doing my full routine later.
So far, I have really enjoyed using them, they've been keeping my skin clear and I have had no break out issues. These are also suitable for sensitive skin and the fact that they contain pomegranate makes me feel a little bit giddy as I am obsessed with pomegranates! Again, these are unscented and retail at £3.49 for 25 wipes.
Finally, Louise spoilt me by including a little bonus in the form of the SPRING CLEAN Cooling Clay Mask. This smells amazing! Like the lime Starburst. It took me about half an hour of sniffing to work what it was that it reminded me of. First I went down the lemon Refresher route but then my mind took a bit of a detour and lime Starburst it was. This contains French Sea clay which is renowned for it's skin benefits including oil and buildup removal, as well as Zinc Oxide which is a natural anti-bacterial, Lime butter (that's where the Starbursts come from) that tones skin and shrinks pores and peppermint which I believe is responsible for the slight tingle I experienced while this was on my face, leaving it healthy, fresh and glowing. This again, is so cheap it's unbelievable, I only have the sample size here but the full size is only £4.95, and it does actually give all of the skin benefits it claims, it left my skin fresh, clear and glowing without being greasy. I will definitely be buying this again, over and over!
So, after what could constitute a small novel, I thought I'd finish up by saying that I really do adore Amie Skincare from what I have seen of it so far. I'm hoping to try the NEW LEAF Skin Exfoliating Polish next so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with that.
Amie products are available at as well as on Amazon.
Will you be trying any of Amie's products? Which do you like the sound of?


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