Wednesday, 5 June 2013



I waited and waited and waited for these to arrive on the Boots website and as soon as they did, they were in my basket and on their way to my house quick as flash. I love peach cheeks so the obvious choice for me waas shade 02 in Healthy Glow (although, I will be picking up the other three too after seeing a number of swatches of the since).
I'm a real fan of cream blushes, I just like how the blend, feel and everything in between. This one is described as a cream to powder blush, however once applie, it doesn't at all look powdery. It just sinks into the skin and looks like, as Bourjois describe it, a 'second skin'.
The blush is incredibly pigmented so I find it best to start with a small amount and build it up to get the intensity that I want.
Once applied it doesn't feel sticky and it stays on the face well, I know a lot of cream blushes can sort of slide off the face as the day goes on but this stays put on me which makes me a very happy bunny.
There is a small amount of shimmer in the blush but this doesn't really translate onto the face as such, but instead just leaves you with an illuminated, dewy cheek.
As you may have guessed from the big hint of me telling you that I am going to be buying the other three blushes in the range, I really do adore this little blush and cannot recommend it enough.
Have you tried these blushes? Do you like them?


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