Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Before we get down to business I wish to apologise for my straggly hair- these pictures were taken at a point in time between going from super dark brown to blonde and so there is a slight orange tinge and a heck of a lot of frizz as it had been quickly half hairdried so that I could get these pictures taken before the light went totally to pot and blah, blah, blah. That's quite enough of that, on to Firmoo.
Firmoo did a sweep of the blogging world a few months back and I found my dashboard being filled with various reviews and promises of free glasses and while interested, I'm a firm believer in 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' so I left my interest on the back burner and got on with my life.
When Firmoo contacted me, however, to ask whether I'd like to give a couple of pairs of their glasses a whirl, they were brought back into mind and the rest is history.
As a glasses wearer anyway, I had in mind a pretty good idea of the glasses that I fancied and ones that would suit my face shape, head size, etc. but if you are not over familiar with this kind of thing then Firmoo offer a virtual 'try-on' service. You basically upload a picture of your mush onto their site then scroll through the glasses 'trying them on' till your heart's content. I think this is such a great idea because it saves on disappointment when your glasses arrive and aren't at all as flattering on as you had thought.
So glasses chosen, you can then enter your prescription details or just choose to have a non-perscription lense fitted if you're not a glasses wearer. I chose just to have plain glass to see how I got on with them but am now considering ordering another pair with my prescription.
The service from Firmoo was incredible, the glasses arrived by courier super fast and I cannot fault them at all  in this area.
Ok, so I actually picked a pair of huge pastel coloured ones; they have lilac frames and them pink ear pieces. I LOVE these. They are so pretty and summery and really make a statement. I will definitely be wearing these throughout summer. Also being a hayfever sufferer, they actually help to keep some of the pollen out of the old eyes so win-win really.
The second pair are in a lovely tortoise shell frame. I've always wanted a frame with that print. I have no idea why but they're ever so pretty. Again, they're pretty big but not even close in size to the pastel ones.
I really do like both pairs and I hope they last me a long time too, which I can't see being an issue as they are really good quality, especially for the price that Firmoo charge!
Here's the best part; if you fancy trying out Firmoo glasses they actually have a first pair free programme which you can learn more about here and as if that wasn't generous enough, on this page, you can also enter a lucky draw which will give you a chance to win an extra free pair with one winner being chosen at random every day.
So with nothing to lose, and a lovely pair of new glasses to gain, will you be giving Firmoo a try?


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