Saturday, 22 June 2013


I've tried products from KIKO before in the form of makeup but this Light Legs Crackling Mousse with scented technology just blows my mind!
The idea behind the Scented Technology collection is that each product from the collection has different fragrances which provide different beauty benefits for each product. As well as having active fragrances, the products also have active ingredients, active colours and a sensoriality element to them.
In the Light Legs Crackling Mousse, the active ingredients are blueberries, liquorice and escine which are said to stimulate surface microcirculation and strengthen capillary vessels which in turn stimulates draining action. It would make sense for me to tell you at this point what the Mousse actually does so we can bring it all together.
The Mousse is basically intended to relieve tired, worn out legs, so that's where the draining action comes in.
Also helping with the microcirculation regenerating action is the active fragrance; geranium essential oil, and it really does smell so nice. Nothing too overpowering, just pretty and floral.
It's packaged in this purple tin can with the aim of encouraging calmness. The purple is also associated with relaxation and concerntration. I'm personally not too sure whether the colour of the can effects this too much, but it's a pretty colour none the less. Maybe if I started at it for hours, I'd see the colour benefits.
The finally element that KIKO aims to bring is a sensoriality one; this is my favourite part! You were probably wondering up until now why this product is described as a 'Crackling Mousse'. You basically pump the Mousse into your hand and rub it into your legs and your legs sound like a massive piece of popping candy! It really does crackle as it's sinking in. There is science behind this, as if you needed anymore reason to buy it, but again the crackling sensation helps with the microcirculation as well as helping to release the fragrance of the product.
The most important thing though, is whether it actually works. That said, I think I'd still buy it for the novelty of the crackling noise. But you'll be pleased to know that it actually does. It makes my legs feel icey, as if someone with really cold breath is blowing on them. I hope that makes sense? And after using the Light Legs Crackling Mousse, I do genuinely feel more relaxed (And a little bit exciteable!). I will be getting my next can of this ASAP and really recommend you giving this a go too- it's really lovely after being sat in the sun just to cool you down a little bit.
So, will you be trying this?


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