Sunday, 16 June 2013


KIKO Self Tanning Rapid Drops £11.90*.

My skin is rubbish when it comes to fake tanning. I have reactions to most of them and those which I don't, are too dark for my face but I have found a new friend in KIKO's Self Tanning Rapid Drops specifically designed for the face.
You treat it a lot like a gradual tanning moisturiser in that you can apply it daily if you want tp to build up your colour to the desired shade and in that it doesn't go drastically dark like your average fake tan for face and body, however, it does give you a natural looking tan fast, which is where it differs slightly from a gradual tanning moisturiser. 
You apply it to clean, dry skin and over three hours it develops, none of that waiting over night nonsense to see the colour, and also, it doesn't have that fake tan smell either- I won't lie, for the first hour or so after application, I occasionally get a slight whiff of something but it's more like a moisturiser smell than a fake tan one, and after a short time, there's no smell to it at all. 
Another great thing for me is that you only use a small amount, 'drops' in fact, as the name would suggest, so this is definitely a product that will last for a while.
As you know, I'm really pale and on me, this just looks so natural, not at all orange or too dark, just the perfect shade. I would pop up a picture for you girls but unfortunately I burned my face on a hairstyler which shall go unnamed for the purposes of slander/deformation issues (I'm joking, I'm just clumbsy), but the lesson to be learned here is that heat near your face is dangerous so be careful. Anyway, I just didn't think it'd make for awfully pleasant viewing as it's starting to scab over, oh so gross, but I shall show you all once it's gone down a little.
So, to finish off, I love this face tanner. It is without question the best one I have tried and I will be using it whenever I tan from face from now until forever(?), hopefully.
Will you be giving KIKO's Self Tanning Rapid Drops a go?


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