Friday, 14 June 2013


If you read my recent hair extensions post (here) then you'll have hear me waffle on about the online retailer Hairtrade selling not only Instense Hydrating Mask.
Now, first up, I know that Moroccan Oil are somewhat pricey and where I do believe this to be worth every single penny of the RRP, I also believe that it's good to find the bargains where you can and Hairtrade actually charge £22.60 which is slightly cheaper than the recommended £23.85. Pennies make pounds and that's an extra £1.25 you can put towards another product, yay!
Anyway, onto the product itself. Now then, on the tub, the mask is recommended for medium to thick dry hair, however, the website states that it's suitable for all hair types and as I have quite the opposite of medium to thick hair- thin and fine- I'd definitely say the suitable for all hair types claim is true. Rather than leaving my hair flat and limp (as many products recommended for thicker hair do) it gave my hair lots of body and volume- so much so that even when I left it to air dry, my hair was left looking like I'd had a lovely blowdry- ever so bouncy and glossy.
Basically, you take a 'generous' amount to clean damp hair, leave it for 5-7 minutes and the rinse, and you are directed to do this 1-2 times a week.
I apply it after shampooing and wringing out most of the water from my hair, rub it in, comb my hair through and then leave it for a little while before rinsing it out. I personally like to leave it in for a little longer than the 5-7 minutes, just to be sure that it's had time to really work on my hair.
Once I've rinsed it all out, I'll jump out of the shower, towel dry my hair and then brush it. My hair is super unruly on the tangle front due to it being so fine so you can imagine how pleased I was when the paddle brush just went straight through, with no leave-in conditioner!
In order to really get a feel for how well the mask worked, after using this each time, I have witheld from using my usual lotions and potions, including oil, as the mask hair argan oil in and I can honestly say, I have not missed using any of them. My hair feels just as nice, silky and soft without, if not even more so. It's shiny, and just generally more manegeable.
The smell of this mask is really nice too and reminds me of just a salon smell, if that makes sense? So with how it looks, feels and smells, the Intense Hydrating Mask leaves me feeling like I've just been to a salon and have left with lovely, swishy hair.
Have you tried the Moroccan Oil Mask? Or if not, will you be giving it a go?


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