Tuesday, 25 June 2013


If you're not yet up to speed, you can check out part one, here. Basically, I decided that I wanted my dark hair back blonde, and fast so over twenty four hours, I managed to get it to the colour in the last picture pretty much scathe free with no apparent damage to my hair, and thought I'd take you along for the ride. So, on with part 2.
After using Colour B4 (part 1) I reached for an old favourite; Scwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in 00A 'Absolute Platinum'. I love this dye. I used it every six years for two years straight back in the white blonde days and never has it caused any damage to my hair- no drying, no split ends, no snapping. I can't fault it.
So, I just stuck it on my hair, avoiding the roots where my natural colour had come through (because it will turn it bright white) to lift a whole heap of my colour out. Having naturally fairly dark hair, I do obviously still have some warmth to it, along with the remainder on the super dark dye left over after Colour B4, so I was hoping to take it to a pale orangey shade, just light enough to cover with an ash toned dye, which as you can see, worked wonders.
If you take a look at my hair colour after Part 1, you will see again how much colour has been lifted from then till this step, and although I know a lot of people would be panicking at this point, having bright orange hair, this isn't something that phases me as I've been through this process enough times to realise it's not going to stick around for long. I used two boxes of the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL because I find one box isn't quite enough.
Anyway, as much as I loved having orange hair... the plan wasn't to keep it so I cracked on with my next dye- Nice 'N Easy's Natural Light Ash Blonde. Basically, anything with ash tones, or cool tones in will neutralise any warmer tones (i.e, orange and yellow). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these dyes from Nice 'N Easy. I love the colour range, and there is not a single ash toned dye out there that I have found to be better than their range, however, they absolutely wreak to the high heavens of chemicals and I find the fumes burn my eyes, ouch! Plus, I find their dyes to be a little drying and damaging. Obviously, this was amplified on my hair after all it had been through, but that's one for the third and final part of this 'Super Dark to Blonde' series. After using this one dye, my hair wasn't at all terrible. My head was a little sore due to all the chemical processing but nothing too major and all in all, it was a pretty successful attempt, however, the next day, I found it to still be a little orangey and after putting a second box of the Nice 'N Easy Natural Light Ash Blonde on and seeing little difference, I realised that the orangey shade underneath was not actually pale enough to be fully cancelled out by the ash dye, and that's where I'm going to leave it for today. I'll see you all (hopefully) in Part 3.


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