Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Viridian Nutrition is a brand that believes in 'caring for others as we care for ourselves' by having a range of natural, vegan and in most instances, organic products aimed at providing a number of beauty benefits to those who use them.
On today's agenda are two of the products from their range; their S.P.F (Skin Pro-Factors) capsules*.
Ok, so first up, I'm going to talk about their S.P.F capsules. In this instance, please be aware that spf is not meant in the sun protectant manner. The info here). The capsules also contain grape seed extract which is the element that protects the skin internally from sun related damage.
The capsules themselves are very easy to take, there's no nasty thick tablets here, just think, sleek capsules which are easily taken with water. There's no nasty after taste and no unpleasant side effects. You can take one or two of the capsules a day, and I personally have been taking just the one. I think a good way to think of these is as vitamins with further benefits. I have noticed since taking them that I have not got sick, I'm actually nuturious for sore throats at this time of year but this time round (touch wood) almost as soon as I've felt a bit of a sore throat coming on, it's gone again without the full 'Oooooh, I feel so horrid, I'm staying in bed ALL week!' that usually ensues. This may be a coincidence but I really believe it's down to those little immune boosting carotenoids in these capsules. And to think, on top of this, these capsules are looking after my skin and protecting me from the inside from nasty aging caused by the sun. They really are little miracle workers.
The second product on the hit list is their Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Oil. Think Bio Oil but more natural. This oil is meant to smooth out skin tone and reduce scarring and stretch marks. It's again vegan and organic and is also free of any synthetic fragrances and colourings which makes it suitable for even sensitive skin tones.
I have actually been using this oil since around the last week in May and can honestly say that I have noticed a difference to my skin. It has definitely smoothed out my skin tone particularly on my legs and I can see it working it's magic on a little scar I have on my knee. It's quite a thick formula but sinks in quickly, leaving the area of application with a nice, healthy sheen. It also makes my skin feel super hydrated and I love the smell too! It's all herbally and for some reason, just really relaxes me. 
I can also tell that it's going to last such a long time as a small amount of the oil goes a long way. This means that the little pump comes in extra handy because no product is wasted. It just feels like such a luxurious product and so as it retails at only £15.15 for 100ml, I will definitely be buying myself another one once this has finished.
I had never heard of the brand Viridian Nutrition prior to being contacted by a very nice lady called Hayley and I honestly feel like I have discovered a couple of products that I will take with me for years to come. I really do recommend having a look at both of these products as well as the other's that are available on Viridian Nutritions website as I'm sure there will be something that will benefit each and every one of you. I will definitely be investing in some more of Viridian's products in the future and am looking forward to finding even more beauty benefits.
What do you think of vegan and organic products? Will you be looking into Viridian Nutrition more?


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