Sunday, 30 June 2013


 V05 .
I have flat hair. I don't like having flat hair. It makes sense, therefore, that I buy as many products to combat flat hair as possible. So, with that, I decided to give V05's offerings a go. I reviewed their Instant Oomph Powder a few weeks back but today I thought I'd give you a bit of a double whammy of a post with their Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray and their Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray. 'Texturising' keeps coming up with that annoying squiggly line under it to tell me I've spelt it wrong! Jeez Louise. Anyway, I'll kick off with the Dry Backcomb Spray as that is probably my most used of the two.
It reminds me a lot of dry shampoo in texture, it's that sort of dry, powdery feel. It's not at all sticky or tacky, and you cannot see it on the hair. It doesn't make brushing hair a nightmare either, which I have found to be the case with products similar to this, so that was an instant plus point for the Dry Texturising Spray. It also, and most importantly, gives me hair a good amount of volume for a long amount of time. Result.
I just spray this at my roots from a few centimetres away and then rub it in with my finger tips.
Even though it's called 'Dry Backcomb Spray', it doesn't make you look like you've backcombed your hair to hell and back in that birds-nest-on-my-head, it just adds a nice amount of smooth volume.
I also like having some texture to my hair, as being fine, it can just hang there if it's not helped out a little bit, which is where the Plump It Up Dry Texturising Spray comes in.
With this, you spray it through the lengths and ends of your hair and give it a little scrunch. It just gives hair a little lift and adds a bit of a wave to it, without being all like 'whoa, wavy hair'. It basically makes you look a little undone but in that I-haven't-made-an-effort-but-really-I-have sort of way, and it gives me an excuse to me super lazy and not bother straightening/waving my hair.
Again, with this, it doesn't feel horrible or tacky on the hair and it's easy to brush through, and I'm such a wimp when it comes to getting knots and tangles out of my hair. It makes me sneeze for some reason. Who knows?! Anyway, I really do love both of these products and priced just short of the four pound mark, will be buying, and rebuying them until the end of time.
Will you be giving these a try?


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