Sunday, 9 June 2013


I am often telling you all how fine and flat my hair is and how I'm a big fan of any product that can add natural looking volume, so after having success with volumizing powder before, I decided to see what the VO5 one had to offer.
The basic idea with these is that you sprinkle the powder either onto your fingers and rub it in or directly to your roots and again, rub it in. With the powder in particular, it is recommended that you apply it straight to your roots. I find this gives more volume anyway so this is my preferred method of application with all of these powders.
I particularly like the packaging of this powder, I find that the dispenser cap helps in giving you just the right amount of powder. It's also a lot less sticky than other brands that I have tried. Don't get me wrong, there is still some stickiness to it but not as much as others. I like this because I find that some of the others, due to their stickiness can really hurt my head when I'm trying to brush my hair through but this one is nowhere near as painful.
This isn't' sounding like a great review so far 'less painfull than others' hardly sounds positive does it? But I really do like this powder. It really lifts my hair giving it natural looking volume and a bit of texture too. I really rate this product and will be favouring it in future over other volumizing powders.
What do you think of volumizing powders? Do you have a favourite?


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